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"All kidding aside, we do hope that Seau and other football players are ok." -- Did you know that Junior Seau's dead..? (And that the only way they were able to diagnose him with the brain disease is because after his suicide his family donated his brain to the National Institutes of Health..?)

Hi there, Thank you for your note. Yes, I did realize my mistake quickly after sending out the newsletter and I cannot apologize enough for it - both to you and the rest of the Muck Rack readers. We had a correction and apology run in today’s Daily. I do appreciate you taking the time to point it out though. -delia

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of writing for New York magazine

By Delia Paunescu

March 16, 2009

When Lady Sovereign first made her debut stateside, she broke all kinds of molds, stereotypes and records. The petite MC shares that she doesn’t care about fashion, that too much work makes her unhappy, and how to properly ask her aboard your yacht. With her second album Jigsaw coming out next month, Lady Sov also explains that England hasn’t yet embraced her the way America did, but remains hopeful for the future.

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Since her blog went up during the second debate at Hofstra University, Veronica De Souza, social media expert, creator of the Tumblr Binders Full of Women, and new media sensation has made the media rounds.
Muck Rack snagged De Souza on Thursday, who is herself a Hofstra…

I interviewed internet sensation Veronica De Souza about Binders Full of Women and her newfound media fame.